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About FTS

  • FAST Test Series is a pan India test series for CA Exams
  • FAST Test Series is the path from “Being in CA” to “Being a CA”
  • FAST Test Series aims to provide maximum benefits to the students in terms of preparation and guidance
  • FAST Test Series conducting chapter wise and full syllabus test series for CA final (new & old course) and CA Intermediate
  • We have most experienced team (Chartered Accountants only) for making & checking of test papers
  • “Right direction helps to drive right and reach the destination” FAST Test Series guide you to the right direction and Expert guidance for achieving your goal
Timely revision of course
FAST Test Series
Proper Expert's guidance
Key to success

Plan Detail's

Step By Step Test Series

  • Part test series include 3 part tests along with one full syllabus test for each subject.
  • Part Test helps in step by step practice for exams and helps to your weak area in detail while full syllabus test helps to identify the overall need.
  • Helps in identifying Knowledge gaps of each Step.
  • Total 32 test (4*8 subjects) for both groups.

DUO Test Series

  • DUO test series include 2 Full syllabus tests for each subject
  • DUO test series helps in cementing of knowledge.
  • Ready to prepare Exams ‘s environment before your real ICAI exams
  • DUO test series prepares you for exam readiness
  • Total 16 tests (2*8 subjects) for both groups
  • Full syllabus test of 3 Hrs. each.

SOLO Test Series

  • SOLO test series includes 1 full syllabus test of each subject.
  • SOLO test series helps in identifying the weak areas in first attempt.
  • Ready to prepare Exams ‘s environment before your real ICAI exams.
  • SOLO test series can reduce exam anxiety.
  • Total 8 test (1*8 subjects) for both groups.
  • SOLO test series include full syllabus test of 3 Hrs. each.

How it works

  • Register for FAST Test Series
  • Download the test paper/question paper would be send on your registered email id.
  • Answers to be written on notebook
  • Click photo or scan the pages serial wise
  • Upload the sheets as pdf or page by page or mail us
  • Evaluation will be done by Experienced evaluators(CA only)
  • Get checked answer sheets with in 24 hrs. of test conducted along with rank & expert’s reviews

Note: Please attach first page of Question paper ( as provided by us) with your Answer book . Student must put following details on every page of answer sheet. (Student Name , Subject Name , Paper No. , Page No.)

Fill it and Enroll Yourself

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Other Features


Each test paper is checked by experienced Chartered Accountants across all over India.


Test paper are prepared by Experienced Chartered Accountants team. They incorporating all latest amendments and trends. Test papers are designed according to real ICAI exams only.


It is very difficult to effectively cover the whole syllabus of CA Examinations without expert guidance. We help to manage and allocate proper time for practice and revising effectively before your examination.


We will provide all India ranking if you attempt test paper. Then you can compare your performance among all over India.


Expert faculties will guide you about your concept clarity.


You will get detail feedback about your performance individually for each answer that you have written. You need not searching for your mistakes in the suggested answers.


Your answer sheet will be evaluated by our Expert evaluators within 24 hrs. Of test conducted. Timely result is important to improve your performance. Know your mistakes within 24 hrs.


Topper mark sheet and answer sheet for each test will be provided you for compare your performance and improve yourself for next test.


Proper written practice is important requirement for CA exams. We guide you about proper formatting and appropriate written practice before your exams.


We help in continuous improvement in your speed and concept clarity. Our system will record time taken to complete every test.


Suggested answers of every test will be provided to you


We help to manage your time effectively before your Exams

No Test Ordinary Test Series FAST Test Series
Test Paper Predicatable New variety of questions based on ICAI pattern
Evaluation 4-5 Days With in 24hr of test conducted
Counselling Get Expert guidance for concept clarity
Detailed Analysis of Every Answer Detailed analysis of every answer & comment on it by Experts
Chapter wise and Full Syllabus Performance Covers Step by Step Practice & gives complete preparedness for Exams
Makers-Checkers Team Any Other Most experienced team (Chartered Accountants only) for making & checking of test papers


Unscheduled Test: Students can appear test as per their preparation as & when convenient to them.
Scheduled Test: Students can appear test as per our Expert guided schedule. For CA final new syllabus, test series would be available only for 7 subjects. (Elective subject is not included in the test series)